Holding Tanks

We offer several holding tank options as well as RV pumping services.
Take a look at the services we provide below.

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1. This is our 250-gallon holding tank. For larger applications, we can join tanks in tandem and customize tank sizes up to 5,000 gallons. Contact us for details.

Sani-Hut 250 gallon holding tank

Sani-Hut 250 gallon holding tank

2. Attaching the above funnel to the 250-gallon tank accommodates other users.

Sani-Hut 250 gallon holding tank with funnel

3. Special funnels for specific applications available on request.

Sani-Hut holding tank

4. 1,700 gallon holding tank.

Sani-Hut 1,700 gallon holding tank

5. Sani-Hut also has RV pumping services.

Sani-Hut RV pumping services

6. Our waste water drum with funnel.

Sani-Hut waste water drum with funnel